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Creatimber Global Sdn. Bhd. is an associated company of Far East Timber Industries Sdn. Bhd. that was established in 1973.

We are a Timber Solutions provider, offering a wide range of timber and timber-related products for the housing industry, commercial construction, home renovations and industrial markets.

Why Choose Us
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  • We have a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry
  • Supply both local & imported timbers
  • Offer a variety & custom made timber related products
  • Only source high quality timber from reputable suppliers
  • A large warehouse with over 60,000 sqft of storage space
Local & Import Timbers
Wide Range of Stocked Timber Species

Creatimber is one of the supplier with most extensive range and variety of timber species in the country. We not only offer Malaysia timber but also imported timber. Below is a list of some of the many variety of timber we can offer you. We can supply timber that not in our product list.

We supply other types of timber that may not be in this product list.

  • Local Timber Balau
  • Local Timber Chengal
  • Local Timber Kembang Semangkok
  • Local Timber Dark Red Meranti
  • Local Timber Merbau
  • Local Timber Nyatoh
  • Import Timber Ash
  • Import Timber Beech
  • Import Timber Maple
  • Import Timber Pine
  • Import Timber Sapele
  • Import Timber Teak
  • Import Timber Walnut
  • Import Timber White Oak
Variety & Customization
  • Cut to size
  • Tongue & Groove (T&G)
  • Surfaced 4 sides (S4S)
  • Edge 4 sides (E4E)
  • Paneling
  • External Cladding
  • Joinery
Softline Decking
A revolutionary system for wood decking and cladding with invisible and unbreakable fixation.

Creatimber Global Sdn. Bhd. prides on being at the forefront of innovation in the timber decking market to provide our clients with the best solutions possible. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are Malaysia's exclusive representative to market Softline system from Vetedy Group.

Why is Creatimber Timber widely regarded as the leading choice in Malaysia for timber decking?

Patented in Europe, the Softline system is a 100% invisible fixation system for timber decking and is manufactured in Luxembourg by Vetedy Group. We only use class 1 Merbau for our Softline Decking System.

The Advantages of Softline® System
  • Enables invisible fixation to the support.
  • Composite material with high mechanical strength, guaranteeing a high-quality system.
  • Flexibility in compression and/or expansion, allowing re-positioning after stress (unlike steel).
  • Eliminates the stage of pre-drilling and countersinking.
  • Allows lateral movement between the planks without any resulting deterioration of the wood.
  • Allows the strips to be isolated from the support.
  • Provides a guarantee of long-lasting durability.
  • Shortens the installation time.
  • Allows even jointing between strips.
  • Prevents the twist in the planks.
  • Ensures the free circulation of air.
  • Reinforces the general aspect thank to a wooden frame fixed with non-visible screws.
  • Possibility of removing and replacing planks.

The Softline® Fixation


Timber Decking Maintenance

We have a team of experienced engineers and supervisors who are well versed in our special techniques and on-site applications. Besides giving our clients valuable advice, we are also able to inject new life into old decks at a minimal cost.

Common problems that many property owners face with their timber decking:

  • Deck is left exposed (unvarnished) and unmaintained for long periods of time, causing the timber to degrade from brown to grey. Without the protection of wood stain, the fibres tend to absorb moisture easily which in turn accelerates decomposition;
  • Original contractors have done a shabby job during their point of installation, resulting in deck structural failure in less than 5 years;
  • Original contractors' recommendations and usage of their unproven and untested wood products; and
  • Original contractors' inability to uphold the impractical manufacturer warranties of their wood products.

The problems listed above usually lead to having to sanction major repairs and replacement, which might incur hefty costs on the owner as a result. Should you face any of the above problems, please contact our timber consultants right now to seek professional advice and solutions!

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Custom-made Solid Timber Furniture
Outdoor & Indoor Custom Made Timber Furniture

It is best to go for customized furniture as it can bring an indispensable amount of design and style to the functionality of any space. It is one of the main reasons why custom made furniture is given so much importance in interior decor and design.

Customers can now easily find exquisite and bold designs of simple to luxury furniture pieces for installation in residential and commercial spaces.

Why Custom Made Furniture?

Style It Your Way
For any piece of furniture that is going to be a permanent fixture in your home, it is imperative that the product is in perfect synchrony with your individual taste and style preferences.
Quality Assurance
Customization not only gives you satisfaction of owning an item that looks great, but also the guarantee of durability.
Size Does Matter
Most ready-made furniture is one-size-fits-all. If you’ve got a very small room that needs a bed or a very large room that needs a particular sized table, ready-made furniture just may not be suitable. Custom made furniture can be measured and constructed to suit a particular room’s dimensions.
Cost Advantage
Many people mistakenly assume that customized furniture is expensive. Contrary to popular belief, you have flexibility when it comes to spending. You can obtain custom made furniture within a specific budget. Not only are you getting a piece of your liking but it will likely have functionality as well.
Timber Benefits

Timber’s strength to weight ratio is approximately 20% higher than steel and 4 to 5 times higher than non-reinforce concrete.

Wood is a durable material that can last hundreds of years when maintained correctly.

Unlike steel and other highly used construction materials, timber does not corrode in aquatic centres, salt air or heavy industrial environments.

Performance in Fire

Timber burns in a slow, measurable and predictable way and does not deform like steel.

Visually Appealing

Timber comes in many grades and species which can fulfil various uses and appeals. Timber is often preferred for its appearance over steel or concrete as it creates a warm and comfortable feeling.

Health and Wellbeing

Timber can lower blood pressure, heart rates and stress levels. It can also improve social interactions, learning and productivity.

A Natural Insulator

Timber is a natural insulating material. As an insulator, it is 15 times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminum.

100% Sustainable

Sustainable timber has the lowest embodied energy (energy used in its processing, production and transport, from tree to consumer use) of any mainstream building material, and far less than for steel, concrete or aluminum. This is mainly because timber requires only minimal processing compared to other materials. As the embodied carbon in the average building accounts for 30-50% of its whole carbon footprint, this has the potential to make a huge impact.

It's processing also emits less sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and VOCs than competing materials.

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